DIY Oreo Freakshake

So you know how ‘freakshakes’ are a thing now right? Those thick, chocolatey shakes with rich sauces, and piled high with fairy floss, brownies, donuts… All those absolutely ridiculous things. As insanely delicious as they look, unfortunately for me (and my fellow vegan pals), most of them aren’t vegan. Such a shame. But I’ve come up with a solution. I’ve created a vegan equivalent which is definitely not lacking in taste or toppings!


  • 1 box original Oreos
  • Rice milk (or your choice of plant based milk)
  • So Good chocolate ice-cream
  • Vegan chocolate topping/ sauce (I found one at Coles that was vegan, just read the ingredients).


  1. In a blender add as much of the above ingredients as desired (feel free to get a little crazy) and blend until smooth. If you prefer your milkshakes a little thicker, add less milk and vice versa
  2. Pour into an ‘insta-worthy’ jar and top with crushed up Oreos.


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