Making an Organic Choice

This blog post is a little different from my usual recipes and food tips but seeing as it’s now a new year, I thought I’d provide some inspiration to making more environmentally friendly choices in your everyday life.

I’ve recently made the switch from mainstream household products to vegan, organic, ethical and environmentally friendly alternatives. I realised that cleaning my kitchen with chemicals and then preparing food on those surfaces probably wasn’t doing my body (or the environment) much good. I’ve teamed up with Organic Choice to create this blog post and I’ll be working with a handful of other fabulous brands in the coming month to continue on with this theme of eco-friendly living.

Three reasons why I love Organic Choice:

  • The company is entirely Australian owned.
    This is a big one for me. I try my best to support local, Australian businesses whenever possible. On the back of their multi-purpose spray it reads: “This product supports organic farmers and respect the environment with the inclusion of organic essential oils.” Win.
  • All products are sourced from sustainable and natural ingredients.
    You won’t be finding any nasty chemicals in these bad boys. The multi-purpose spray is made of a coconut based non-ionic surfactant, sugar/corn based alcohol and beautiful smelling essential oils (I love the lemongrass and Australian myrtle scent). Similar to the air freshener/ linen spray, which is made from sugar/corn alcohol, coconut solubiliser, organic aloe vera and the gorgeous essential oils of lemongrass and cedar wood.
  • Organic Choice is easily accessible and affordable.
    We all know that purchasing products which are organic, vegan and environmentally friendly is the best option, but it can often come with a hefty price tag. What I love so much about Organic Choice is their affordability and accessibility. For my Australian readers, the brand is stocked in Coles Supermarkets and can also be purchased online.

Along with their household cleaning products, I’m also a huge fan of Organic Choice’s range of candles and fragrance reed diffusers. I keep a diffuser in most rooms to keep my space smelling fresh and fragrant. I love burning the ‘West Indian Lime & Coconut’ scented candle around the dinner table when I have guests over. I often get compliments about how nice our house smells, and if I’m worried it doesn’t, I give it a quick spray of the ‘Air Freshener & Linen Spray’ and that usually does the trick!

Thank you to Organic Choice for sending me a selection of your products. These opinions are still my own though, so I promise you that I’m being truly honest when I say that I love Organic Choice and I’ll be purchasing them instead of mainstream household products from now on!


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