My Skincare Routine With iKOU

There is so much more to veganism than just the foods we consume. We must also begin to consider the products we purchase, what they’re made out of and whether or not they test on animals. This includes clothing, shoes, handbags, makeup, cleaning/ washing products and skincare to name a few.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by this so I suggest starting slow and educating yourself about vegan and non-vegan ingredients. This process took me time, and it’ll take you time too so don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t make every change instantly. I also believe in the importance of shopping ethically and purchasing products which are as natural and chemical-free as possible, particularly when it comes to skincare!

This is why I love iKOU so much. Founded in the Blue Mountains here in Australia, by Naomi and Paul Whitfeld, Ikou pride themselves on creating a business which is sustainable to all, including the earth. Paul and Naomi’s global travels influenced iKOU’s culture and created an awareness of the impact that business has on the environment, people and animals.

“Our product development always stayed true to our personal passion for the protection of animals, the environment, and being a business that benefited others. We sourced and researched the impact of our ingredients and methods of production to ensure iKOU was an ethical and sustainable business from the start.”

And that is why I’m so excited to share iKOU with you all. Because their views on sustainability and environmental awareness align with my own. Their products are chemical and fake-stuff free and contain natural, mostly organic, pure Australian ingredients.

I first purchased iKOU’s ‘Age-Defying Skincare Ritual’ pack which had sample sizes of all of their skincare products. It lasted me just under a month and after only a few weeks of using the products, my skin was blemish free and glowing. I was receiving compliments about how “clear” and “radiant” my skin was looking too! After using up all of the products, I went back to my old less natural, chemical-filled skincare and instantly my skin looked dry, dull and I began to break out again. This was all the proof I needed that iKOU was the right skincare brand for me, and I can 100% say that I won’t be purchasing another brand of skin or body care again (hopefully ever).

iKOU were kind enough to gift me some of my favourite products which I use daily. Their range is affordable and lasts a long time (a little goes a long way!). Below I’ve listed my daily morning and night skincare routine which include all of my favourite products. I’ve also linked all of the products I use so that you can purchase them yourself!



In the shower I wash my face with a small pump of the ‘Recovery Face Cleansing Creme’ which is infused with organic floral extracts and removes all traces of makeup, dirt etc.

Once or twice a week, I’ll use the ‘Ultra Radiance Face Polish’ which is one of my all time favourite products. It is an exfoliating cream made with AHA fruit and flower extracts, natural exfoliants and Salicylic acid (natural BHA).


As a moisturiser I use the ‘Baobab and Neroli Calming Face Oil’. At first I was worried about using oil on my face (as it has previously caused break outs) but the combination of ingredients in this product (baobab, camellia, jojoba, neroli, kakadu plum, açai and rosehip oil) work to deeply penetrate and hydrate the skin while being gentle and effective for all skin types.


To remove my makeup, I wet my face and then apply the ‘Ultra Cleansing Face Gel’, rubbing into my skin in circular motion. It is made with apple extract, Honey Myrtle, Australian Kakadu Plum and Canadian Willowherb to clear and revitalise the skin. I then use an organic muslin facial cloth to clean my face. Once all of my makeup is removed, I cleanse my face for a second time and use my Vanity Planet Spin Brush to gently remove any remaining makeup.

Again to moisturise, I use the ‘Baobab and Neroli Calming Face Oil’. If I’m experiencing any particularly nasty breakouts, I spot treat with Doterra’s tea tree (Melaluca) essential oil.


Once or twice a week I also use Ikou’s ‘Organic Body Buff’ made with organic Italian orange and jojoba.
After dry body brushing, I jump in the shower and massage the body buff all over my skin, leaving it on for 3 – 5 minutes while I wash and/or exfoliate my face. It is a great exfoliator and also works to remove any week-old tan that I may have left on my skin.

I’ve heard from Naomi that iKOU’s ‘Organic Body Souffle’ compliment the scrub exceptionally, but I’m yet to get my hands on some. I use raw shea butter as a moisturiser but once that runs out, I’ll be sure to make a purchase!

I hope this gives you a thorough insight into my daily skincare routine and that you try out iKOU’s incredible range of products. I truly love them. They also produce essential oils, herbal teas and home fragrances. If you’d like to visit their website, click HERE.

Thank you again to iKOU for sending me these products. Although I was gifted these gorgeous items, all opinions are still my own (I was purchasing from iKOU with my own money beforehand). If you do end up trying iKOU I’d love to know what you think!


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