Vegan Easter Guide

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when Christmas, Easter or any other semi-food-related holiday comes around. Holidays like these can often leave us vegans feeling somewhat deprived and like we’re missing out in the food department. Thankfully the food industry is catching up with the rise of veganism, and vegan alternatives are becoming more available and affordable, meaning you can enter that heavenly Easter chocolate coma just like everyone else.

So this Easter, I’m bringing you a review of my four favourite brands and the Easter products they offer. Some are easily accessible, others you’ll need to order online or go on an Easter egg hunt for (get it!?). I hope you find this helpful in the lead up to your Easter celebrations.

  1. Loving Earth:
    This year Loving Earth released their first ever Easter product, and let me start by saying that it took me over a month to get my hands on. Loving Earth’s ‘Boobook Raw Chocolate Eggs’ are caramel filled and covered in cashew mylk chocolate. They are raw and certified organic, plus half of all profits go towards supporting the Great Forest National Park Campaign! The packaging is gorgeous and they taste incredible (so creamy, they melt in your mouth). It would make a fantastic Easter gift if you can refrain from eating the entire box. They sold out almost instantly online, but I managed to find a website that have some in stock, so get your hands on them ASAP! Click HERE. The Source Bulkfood stores also sell the eggs package free for a similar cost. I may just have to go and stock up…
    My only complaint about is the price. At around $12 for 100g (plus postage if you’re buying online), these are more of a luxury Easter item. However this price is expected from Loving Earth, as they are an eco-friendly, raw, vegan company.
  2. Sweet William:
    What I love so much about Sweet William is their range of sugar free, vegan Easter options. I personally try to eat as low sugar as possible on a daily basis (with the odd exception) so I love that Sweet William have individually wrapped chocolate bunnies that are sweetened with maltitol and stevia. They also make hollow bunnies (which you can find at Aldi) and regular, sugar filled individual chocolate bunnies. I buy Sweet William products from Woolworths or my local health food shop, but you can also find them online HERE at the Cruelty Free Shop. They are a great, easily accessible and affordable Easter product and even my non-vegan friends love the taste.
  3. Aldi:
    Aldi stock a wide range of vegan chocolate all year round (my favourite is the dark sea salt block), and their Easter range is nothing short of impressive. It includes dark mini eggs, dark chocolate bunnies, marzipan mini eggs covered in dark chocolate, “milk” chocolate orange hollow eggs, and my personal favourite – the white chocolate hollow eggs. I’m so impressed by Aldi’s easter range and how affordable it is ($6.49 for a 115g vegan white chocolate egg)! Aldi is most definitely my go-to for affordable, vegan Easter products. They also stock Sweet William chocolate bunnies for the cheapest price I’ve seen. Click HERE to see Aldi’s entire Easter range. I’ve listed all of the vegan options above, but you’ll have to check out your local Aldi store.
  4. Treat Dreams:
    Treat Dreams are my newest Easter discovery. If you were Cadbury Creme Egg obsessed in your pre-vegan days (like my boyfriend was), then I have found the solution to all of your Easter woes. I can’t talk highly enough about the quality and incredible taste of Treat Dreams Easter eggs. We purchased a carton of original creme eggs (which taste exactly like creme eggs!) and their limited edition ‘Easter Dream Eggs’ which are strawberry, pineapple and berry bubblegum flavoured. The strawberry dream egg is unbelievable… If you loved strawberry Freddo’s, you’ll die over these babies. Treat Dreams is definitely on the pricier side (I’m talking $30 for a carton of 6 eggs) however the quality of chocolate is extremely high. If you’re purchasing Easter treats for an entire family, or planning an Easter egg hunt, I wouldn’t recommend these. They do make a great treat for a special someone though!

Other brands/products to note:

  • Lindt dark chocolate hollow bunnies are vegan, YAY!
  • Moo Free make a range of hollow eggs, including honeycomb, orange and plain milk chocolate.
  • Constant Craving eggs are decadent and luxurious. They’d make the perfect Easter gift if you’re willing to spend a little more money.
  • Kinnerton have a ‘Free From’ range which can be found at some Coles and IGA supermarkets. I’m sure health food stores would stock them too!

What are your favourite vegan Easter products? Do you have a brand you love that I didn’t mention? Send me an email or leave me a comment down below!


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