In 2018 I set myself the goal of reducing my waste, making more conscious purchases and finding natural solutions to mainstream products such as household cleaning items and skincare. DoTERRA was popping up all over my social media and I finally decided to see what all the hype was about. I haven’t looked back since.

Why I choose DoTERRA:

I began experimenting with essential oils in 2017, mostly diffusing them and occasionally applying the oils topically (such as tea tree). Over the summer of 2017/18 I spent a lot of my time researching essential oils, their benefits and how I could use them on a daily basis. I then purchased my first kit and I was instantly hooked. What is so incredible about essential oils is their ability to restore balance on a cellular level. This is due to their small molecular structure, which allows them to easily pass through our cell’s membrane and work as effectively as possible. Essential oils assist the human body’s natural ability to heal itself in a natural and safe way.

DoTERRA source their essential oils from over forty countries in order to produce the highest quality product. The oils come from plants that are grown where they are meant to grow, from farmers and distillers that know their stuff and where growing conditions are optimal (meaning high quality oils for us!). Because many of the countries DoTERRA source from are considered developing countries, an initiative called ‘Co-Impact Sourcing’ was created to ensure that small-scale farmers and harvesters are treated ethically. This initiative helps to create everlasting partnerships, sustainable jobs and reliable income in underdeveloped areas.

I love how ethical DoTERRA are when it comes to sourcing and creating product. It means that I’m receiving the highest quality product possible, but not at the cost of other peoples poor working conditions. If you’d like to read more about how DoTERRA source their plants, you can click HERE.


DoTERRA is also working to improve the lives of people in these communities through their Healing Hands Foundation with initiatives such as:

‘Days for Girls’:

Providing girls with education and safety, distributing sustainable feminine hygiene kits, raising awareness and helping communities start their own programs.

‘Operation Underground Railroad’:

The Healing Hands Foundation has partnered with Operation Underground Railroad to rescue children from sex trafficking by employing some of the world’s professionals in extraction operations and anti-child trafficking efforts.

DoTERRA’s Healing Hands Foundation also supports Esseterre Bulgaria to help children in Bulgaria as they age out of the orphanage system, and worked on the ‘Haiti Project’, which saw solar-powered water pumps installed in Haiti and the ‘Somaliland Project’ which is providing education opportunities for over two-hundred youth in Uurwayne, Somaliland.

It’s pretty incredible to think that through purchasing high quality essential oils, we can change the lives of thousands of people.

How to get started:

The best and most cost effective way to purchase DoTERRA essential oils is to open your own wholesale account which will give you access to 25% OFF the RRP.
From here you have two options:

  1. Pay $35 to open your account then customise your first order to whichever oils you would like.
  2. Start with an enrolment kit and waive your $35 wholesale account fee.

I began my DoTERRA journey with the ‘Home Essentials Kit’, which includes ten of the most popular oils and a free petal diffuser (which I use daily!). You can do so much with this kit, from adding drops of lemon to your water, spot treating blemishes with tea tree, diffusing ‘Easy Air’ to purify the air (which I love to do before I teach my singing students) or making your own household cleaning products. I highly recommend beginning with this kit as it’s the perfect starter collection and is fairly affordable (when you break down the cost over a long period of time), however there are a number of other enrolment kits to choose from too!


Creating an account and making your first purchase is super easy. Here’s how:

  1. Head to
  2. Click Join and Save
  3. Choose your country/language
  4. Click ‘Local’
  5. Choose Wholesale Customer (or choose Wellness Advocate if you want to share the oils and potentially start your own biz. If you don’t want to sell, that’s totally fine too!)
  6. Enter personal information
  7. At *Enroller ID*, enter my number: 5627494 and click verify. My name should pop up!
  8. Set a password
  9. Click to next page
  10. Select Kit OR you will have to choose the Enrolment/Welcome pack first if you aren’t purchasing a kit. Then select individual oils.
  11. Click View Totals
  12. Enter your Credit Card details and process.

You’ll then receive an email confirming your order and log-in details (particularly handy if you signed up as a Wellness Advocate).

If for some reason, you’re unhappy with your purchase, DoTERRA offer an unmatched return policy. Contact the customer service team and depending on how long it has been since your purchase you will be entitled to a refund or product exchange.

If you have any further questions or queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me directly.