I love animals! A lot. And I don’t think we should eat them. Or wear them or watch them for entertainment or test products on them either for that matter! So I made you a resources page, so that maybe you’ll begin to feel the same way I do about the way we treat animals in todays modern world.

This page is designed to help you get educated or learn more about veganism and animal rights. I choose to live a vegan lifestyle because I do not want to contribute to the animal suffering or environmental destruction that is caused through our consumption of meat, dairy and animal products. Below are a selection of my favourite resources that I found extremely beneficial when transitioning into a vegan lifestyle. I will attach warnings to documentaries/resources which are graphic or explicit. So here are some resources that have inspired, educated and influenced my lifestyle choices. You never know, they may just do the same for you!


  • ‘Earthlings’, by Nation Earth (watch here) – An amazing documentary that has the power to shock you into never consuming animal products again. Highly recommended, however it is extremely violent.
  • ‘Cowspiracy’, by Kip Anderson and Keegan Kuhn (watch here) – My new favourite documentary. ‘Conspiracy’ is about the animal agriculture industry and its effect on deforestation, water pollution, water consumption, greenhouse gasses, animal extinction, habitat loss, global warming and so many other important issues. Please, please watch this! This is the stuff our government does not want us to know about. It’s time we opened our eyes and took action.
  • ‘101 Reasons to Go Vegan’, by the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida (watch here) – A wonderful presentation that is factual and much more tame than ‘Earthlings’ but still just as educational.
  • ‘Forks Over Knives’, by Lee Fulkerson (watch here) – This documentary explores the idea that many degenerative diseases can be controlled and potentially reversed by cutting out animal products and processed foods. ‘Forks Over Knives’ explores the health benefits of a vegan lifestyle, which are pretty amazing!
  • ‘Unsupersize Me’, by Juan-Carlose Asse and Zen Fitness (buy here) – One of my all time favourite vegan documentaries! This is the story of morbidly obese Tracy Ryan and her remarkable experience of health, happiness and weight loss through consuming a plant based diet. I absolutely love this film!
  • ‘That Sugar Film’, by Damon Gameau (in cinemas now. Click here for website) – Not about veganism, but still a life changer. Gameau cleverly explores how sugar consumption is affecting our health. Another favourite of mine.
  • ‘Fed Up’, by Stephanie Soechtig (watch here) – Similar to ‘That Sugar Film’, ‘Fed Up’ explores sugar consumption particularly in children, and how we have been lied to by our government about the way we should be exercising, eating and losing weight. A real eye opener!


  • ‘Main Street Vegan’ by Victoria Moran – My all time favourite novel about veganism! This was the book that changed my life and inspired me to go vegan. Moran provides a step-by-step guide to going vegan, with recipes and testimonials from normal, everyday vegans!
  • ‘Skinny Bitch’ by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin – A hilarious book that ‘tells it like it is’! ‘Skinny Bitch’ is a slap in the face, wake up call to change your eating habits. (Note: frequent swearwords)
  • ‘The China Study’ by T. Colin Campbell and Thomas M. Campbell – This is a straight to the point, super factual and educational book about veganism and some of the most incredible studies ever conducted in support of a plant based diet. It’s a big read, but it’s worth it.

My Favourite Vegans:

  • Lauren Toyota – Youtube here, Instagram here.
  • Niomi Smart – Youtube here, Instagram here.
  • JAKD Fitness – Youtube here, Instagram here.
  • James Aspey – Youtube here, Instagram here.
  • Ellen Fisher – YouTube here, Instagram here.
  • Loni Jane – Instagram here, Tumblr here.

My Favourite Apps and Cookbooks:

  • Raw Desserts App by Ascension Kitchen (download here)
  • Hippie Lane by Taline Gabriel (download here)
  • ‘Vegan Cooking for Carnivores’ by Roberto Martin (buy book here)
  • ‘Kenko Kitchen’ by Kate Bradley (buy book here)
  • ‘Smith & Daughters – A Cookbook (That Happens to Be Vegan)’ by Shannon Martinez & Mo Wyse (buy book here)

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